Hot Tub Health BenefitsHot Tub Health Benefits

Hot tubs

Hot Tubs have massively grown in popularity in the last few years, owning to an increased awareness around the kinds of health benefits they can provide.

Hot Tubs can be thought of as providing a form of hydrotherapy, a common form of treatment for stress, injury, and sleep issues. In this article, we’ll discuss some of the benefits regular use of a Hot Tub can offer your health.

Preventing Sports Injury and Improving Performance

In recent years there’s been an increased awareness of the ability of Hot Tubs to prevent injuries from sport and physical activity. This is primarily because of their ability to loosen tight and stiff muscles.

Most injuries result primarily from the stiffness of muscles, producing strains and tears.

One of the benefits of hot water is that it can seriously relax the muscles. It increases the blood flow to your muscle. This increase in blood flow allows the muscles to become looser and far more functional, removing potential tight knots and lumps.

Athletes often make use of hot tubs for both recovery and as prep for extensive exercise. The ability for Hot Tubs to massage and loosen muscles is a widely agreed upon benefit and is often compared with hydrotherapy.

Improving Recovery Time

It is not only the ability to prevent injuries but improve recovery that comes with a Hot Tub.

Hot Water jets are fantastic for reducing inflammation, aiding the rehabilitation of damaged muscles, and loosening up joints.

Hot Tubs are often viewed in a similar manner to hydrotherapy.

Cutting down on Stress

Stress has a range of serious impacts on both our mental and physical health. It can easily cost us sleep and often damages the functionality of our immune system. It has even been found to damage our ability to recover from injuries and other strains.

As a result, being able to reduce stress can have major benefits for our physical and mental health.

Circulation Benefits

Another not often spoken about benefit of Hot Tub use is the improvement to blood circulation. Hot water improves ‘vessel dilation’ – the widening of blood vessels; this increases the flow of blood, which means oxygen and other nutrients can repair damage in our bodies. This is a massive help to overall health, while also helping general recovery from injuries and a number of chronic health issues. 


Detoxing is the process of removing poisons and toxins from the body and is a vital part of maintaining quality of health.

By soaking your body in a Hot Tub, you can detox your body through what is an invigorating sweat. Sweating is one of the best ways to remove toxins from the body, the process working to purify the appearance of the skin.

Hot Tubs are usually set to 37-40°C. By spending your time in the Hot Tub, your body can naturally rise – specifically your core body temperature. The resulting sweating sees your body expel many harmful toxins.

Furthermore, detoxification is stimulated in other areas, such as the colon, liver, lungs, and kidneys. Skin isn’t the only part of the body by which detoxes and expels poisons, and therefore the benefit of a Hot Tub induced detox is for the whole body.  

Sleep Benefits

Hot Tubs are fantastic for helping us with sleeping.

Our sleep is often disturbed by issues like muscle pains and stress. Poor sleep will often worsen these issues, which creates a serious problem for many of us.

Hot Tubs can be compared to a hot bath in some respects, but far more effective in aiding our sleep. The relaxation provided to us by the experience of water buoyancy and the increase and drop in core temperature (when getting in and out of water) helps to cool our body down. By slowing our heart rate, it gives us an increased feeling of drowsiness.

Hot Tubs Glasgow are fantastic because they can tackle many of the issues which cause us poor sleep. By relaxing muscles and providing us with relief for pains in the joints and other parts of the body, a hot tub can end up seriously improving our sleep.

Cell Growth

A Hot Tub using water jets can help to seriously improve the growth of cells as well as bolstering the circulation of blood. The jets of water, if hitting places such as the thighs, legs, and back, can massively improve circulation and metabolism. This repairing of the blood vessels is a fantastic long term health benefit and should never be overlooked.