How to Move On After a Breakup?How to Move On After a Breakup?

When all those beautiful summer days end, the rainy season starts. But what if the rainy days last longer? Breakups are the same If you let that feeling stay longer, it will hurt and push you deeper into loneliness. It comes with self-doubt, rejection, and desolation. It can make you crave the love that you used to share with your ex. Sticking to the memories of a broken relationship makes you even more vulnerable to melancholy. Curling up on the bed and pouring your tears out is right for a while, but if it’s you every day, you are heading towards the wrong destination.  

Why Does It Hurt So Much?

The feeling of love becomes pleasant because of the release of feel-good hormones that the brain releases. It connects the feelings to the person who is the reason to give a blow to that hormone. Being in love indeed has the same neural circuitry as the addiction to cocaine. It makes the brain crave out louder to get the same pleaser that it used to get. It will draw you back on not wanting to move on or confuse you on how to move on.

How To Move On?

It seems easy to advise but difficult to commit. Moving on is not a simple game, but it needs a genuine desire to move on. The golden rule to remember is that you are with you. The only person that can pull you out of this hole is you. Here are a few things to do to get over your breakups.


Locking up yourself in a room does no good to you and your body. The smaller the place you will stay, the more it will shrink. Move out and socialize with people, get in touch with new people, visit a new place, hang out with family and friends. Go for exercise, join gyms, pamper yourself with good food and other stuff that you love. 

Get Hobbies

You can work on getting a new hobby or brushing up an old one. Try to engage your mind in things you enjoy doing. Challenge yourself to do something productive every day. Work on the career goals that you have set in to be the better person you always wanted to be.


Acceptance is challenging when you don’t want to come over the shell of memories you share with your ex. Accept that it all happened for good, and it’s over now. Divert all your energy into building a stronger version of yourself. Give yourself space and time to swallow reality, don’t push yourself harder. 

Cut That Person Out

If you are a stalker, then stalking is going to hurt you. Disconnecting that person from all social media platforms will make your Move On journey easy and less hurtful. Avoid places where you can see that person and avoid being in touch with common friends. 

Stop Talking 

Holding emotions is dangerous, and you don’t want to harm yourself with that. Get rid of the burden on your shoulder by talking to your family and friends. Letting your emotions out in front of family and friends is salutary. It will grant you the support that you want. Once you are done, stop talking about them.


Moving on to your ex is not easy, but holding onto your breakup can make the situation worse. The best decision is to go with the need of the hour and work on yourself. If you are finding it harder to get over your ex, seek online therapy. Even on www.washingtoncitypaper.com, tells that seeking help via friends, family, and online therapy will assist you to move on from your break up easily.